X-ray Fixer Silver Recovery Machine

Company: Medical Innovations Inc.

Address: 1590 Concord St., Framingham, MA 01701

Phone: 508-358-8099

Web site: http://www.medicalinnovationsinc.com

Description: The Silver Recovery X-Ray Fixer Machine from Medical Innovations aims to replace expensive, ongoing hazardous waste removal that increases regularly and incurs a cost to the practice forever. The system may save small and large practices up to 75 percent yearly. The Silver Recovery X-Ray Fixer is designed to remove hazardous silver from X-ray and photo processing wastes on site. Due to the long life and the hazardous nature of silver in these waste solutions, the untreated solution cannot be simply poured down the drain. This system helps eliminate this hazard and potential liability on site and allows the practice to avoid the costly alternative of resorting to a hazardous waste carrier.



Sold By: Medical Innovations
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