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Description: Welnia by Welnia LLC is an evidence-based health, nutrition, and exercise program. It includes three components: a comprehensive assessment, a customized lifestyle-improvement plan, and a patented multisensored BodySense armband that is worn on the patient’s upper arm while following the program. The armband is equipped with specially designed sensors that lie next to the patient’s skin and record physiological data in real time. It also aims to measure skin temperature, body motion, how much heat the body is giving off, and skin conductivity.
Call 866-699-3564 or visit www.welnia.com.


  • Medical grade, evidence, and rules-based wellness solution
  • Integrated, patented, and highly-accurate biometric monitoring device
  • Patient-specific, customizable meal and exercise plans
  • Comprehensive assessment, including blood panel, lifestyle questionnaire and body composition
  • Comprehensive wellness report with specific lifestyle modification recommendations
  • Unique Web-based monitoring program with integrated data views for sleep and energy expenditure
Sold By: Vibe Center Productions
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