Wellness Wins Patient Education Handbook and PowerPoint

Company: Whole Health Products LLC

Address: 2004 100th St franksville, WI 53126

Phone: 2623-835-1767

Web site: http://www.wellnesswins.blogspot.com/

Description: “Wellness Wins!” from Whole Health Products LLC is a patient education handbook and PowerPoint program. Most DCs don’t have the time or desire for patient education routines. Two successful chiropractors have combined their 46 years of experience to produce this easy-to-implement and inexpensive program. The handbook and its related PowerPoint presentation covers all the basics of exercise, nutrition, rest, and how chiropractic works.


  • Simplistic and motivational
  • Helps stimulate referrals
  • Helps encourage retention
  • Easy to implement
  • Developed by veteran DCs
  • Economical


Sold By: Whole Health Products
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