Company: World Nutrition, Inc.

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Phone: 480-921-1188

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Description: VitälzȳmXe from World Nutrition Inc. is an all-natural vegetarian systemic enzyme supplement, protected by an enteric-coating for maximum absorption in the bloodstream. VitälzȳmXe’s enteric-coated soft-gel technology helps ensure higher potency and purity, optimal disbursement of enzyme activity and greater consumer compliance. With no activity loss, VitälzȳmXe requires a minimal dosage for maximum benefit. VitälzȳmXe is twice the strength of the Vitälzȳm liquid gels, and is available exclusively through healthcare practitioners in 180-count boxes (18 blister packs of 10 enteric-coated, liquid-gel capsules).


  • Available in 180 count box with 18 blister packs of 10 capsules to customize for clients
  • Vegetarian-friendly
  • Extra strength formula
  • Enteric coated liquid-gel format
  • Sold exclusively to heatlhcare practitioners
  • Serrapeptase is our main proteolytic systemic enzyme


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