Variable balans

Company: Varier USA

Address: 475 Hillside Ave

Phone: 781-444-7745

Web site:

Description: Variable Balans from Varier USA is marketed as the original kneeling chair. It was designed by Peter Opsvik with the intent to rethink conventional sitting. The Variable was created to encourage movement. It helps people of all ages keep the body in an open sitting position. It’s manufactured to improve circulation, create better posture, and encourage an energized mind. This chair is made from sustainable fast growing beech wood and shipped flat-packed from Scandinavia. The Variable Balans is also marketed as being friendly to the environment.


  • Made from sustainable beech wood
  • Ergonomic
  • Scandinavian-made
  • Custom fabrics and colors
  • Seven-year warranty


Sold By: Varier Usa
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