Unique E Tocotrienols

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Description: Unique E Tocotrienols from A.C. Grace Company helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels. Research indicates that tocotrienols also may contribute to improving vascular and cardiometabolic integrity, help support a healthy cardiovascular system, and help maintain normal blood glucose levels.* Each beef softgel capsule contains high-delta and Gamma Delta-Gold Tocotrienols derived from the annatto bean and contains the highest concentrates of tocotrienols at 125 mg per gel capsule. Unlike products derived from palm or rice bran oil our tocotrienols contain no alpha-tocopherol, which has been shown to inhibit assimilation of tocotrienols in the body. Taking them separately achieves maximum benefits. Health professionals recommend taking tocotrienols with the evening meal.


  • Helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels*
  • Helps maintain healthy arterial health*
  • Helps support a healthy cardiovascular system*
  • Helps support health blood pressure levels*
  • elps support health blood pressure levels* Helps support normal triglyceride and blood glucose level
  • Supports healthy cell and tissue growth*
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