Company: Trojan Tables

Address: 107 N. Main, Nevada, MO

Phone: 877-231-8833

Web site: www.TrojanTables.com

Description: The UlatraFlex AF from Trojan Tables is marketed as the first table in years to truly make a change in not only table design but table functionality as well. It aims to address a new concept by encompassing many different body parts or vectors into the treatment equation. Many tables have a simple up and down flexion mode or lateral flexion, but few actually recruit all of the different body vectors and ranges of motion into one table. The more vectors or body parts that can be enlisted for treatment, the more axis of movement will be used for treatment.


  • Q4-axial-vectoring: four different planes of motion for optimal patient results
  • Wireless bi-lateral axial spinal tensioning long axis tensioning
  • Different approach to addressing the problems and biomechanical changes that occur to your patients
  • New, innovative, state-of-the-art design
  • Options: drop sections, elevation, snap covers
  • Free online video teaches the technique for free


Sold By: Trojan Tables
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