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Description: Traumeel from Heel USA is a natural medication formulated for the treatment of musculoskeletal conditions such as muscular pain, joint pain, sports injuries, and bruising. The natural ingredients in Traumeel assist the body in improving the mobility and flexibility of joints and muscles. Traumeel is said to be proven for its efficacy and better tolerability than NSAIDS. Traumeel is designed to not cover up the pain but work deep down at the source to promote healing. It comes as an odorless topical ointment for on-the-spot relief or as sublingual tablets that dissolve under the tongue to enter the bloodstream directly, or as injectable for more rapid onset of action. Many scientific studies are available that prove the efficacy of Traumeel.


  • Said to be proven safe and effective
  • Helps relieve pain and inflammation
  • Helps improve mobility and flexibility
  • Non-greasy ointment and gel
  • Marketed as safe to use with other medications
  • Available in a variety of convenient dosage forms
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