Tranquility Kare

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Description: Tranquility Kare from Kare-N-Herbs is made from Withania somnifera — also known as Ashwaganda. This herb was clinically tried in 30 cases of anxiety neurosis. Taken a dose of 40-ml representing 1.2 grams daily in divided doses for one month, treatment showed relief in various symptoms (palpitation, tremor, nervousness and insomnia) a significant reduction in the level of anxiety, a reduction in the level of plasma cortisol. This herb is said to have a centrally acting anti-anxiety effect, leading to improved mental functions with symptomatic relief in patients of anxiety neurosis.


  • Adaptogen
  • Fast-acting, nontoxic, normalizing
  • Helps reduce stress
  • Helps reduce anxiety
  • Helps induce and enhance deep sleep
  • Marketed as safe, effective, no side effects
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