Tough Tables – The Stealth Series

Company: Tough Tables

Address: 4960 Wilson Drive

Phone: 1-877-231-8833

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Description: Tough Tables may be a new name, but the man behind the company and manufacturing is not. Dr. Gary Huddleston has been building chiropractic tables in four different decades, and has tables in every state, and all over the world. Tough Tables is pleased to introduce the new “Stealth Series” of treatment tables that includes an autoflexion table, manual flexion table, stationary drop, and hi lo. What makes the Stealth Series so different, is fabulous American quality, state of the art design, the best standard features found on any table line, great options, and the most affordable pricing in the industry. Plus, the K-1-4 Spinal Decompression tables is still breaking new ground with innovative design and treatment capabilities. The S.M.A.R.T. System of Spinal Decompression Training is approved for 12 hours of required and specific continueing education. Just because Tough Tables may not be a recognizable name now, don’t miss out on this ground floor opportunity to own some of the most versatile tables on the market today, designed by a doctor who knows what both the new and established practitioner needs.


  • Unique and proven design
  • The most affordable tables on the market
  • Cost effective options if needed
  • A sound history of manufacturing behind them
  • Incredible versatily allows them to be used with nearly all patients
  • Multi use designs allows them to be used for treatment, therapy, and examination


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