Thyroid Maintenance

Patient One Thyroid Maintenance Formula provides a range of herbal and nutritional support for healthy thyroid function and hormone synthesis. Thyroid Maintenance supplies guggul (myrrh tree resin), which promotes thyroid hormone production by influencing enzymes that catalyze T3/T4 conversion, and iodine, which provides the key building blocks of T3/T4 thyroid hormones. Rosemary extract€™s rosmarinic acid maintains hormone production and optimizes immune cell performance in the thyroid. Tyrosine is included to support healthy mood, while ashwagandha promotes adaptogenic support for a healthy stress response and energy production. Ideal formula for easing symptoms associated with thyroid issues while fine-tuning thyroid function.

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Supports healthy thyroid function| Promotes T3/T4 conversion| Optimizes immune cell performance in the thyroid| Supports healthy mood| Maintains normal stress response