Company: Cryoderm

Address: Margate, FL

Phone: 800-344-9926

Web site:

Description: Thermoderm from Cryoderm is a warming product designed to provide fast-acting, deep-penetrating pain relief for muscle sprains, strains, sore stiff muscles, bursitis and tendonitis, and arthritis and joint pain. It contains natural ingredients like aloe barbadensis, green tea extract, ILEX, MSM, tocopheryl acetate, and yucca aloifolia. Thermoderm lotion can be used in place of massage creams and oils for myofascial release, trigger point therapy, transverse friction, and deep tissue.


  • All of the therapeutic benefits of Cryoderm in a warming lotion and roll-on.
  • Perfect adjunct to rehabilitation exercises and massage therapy.
  • Can be used on all occasions, such as soft tissue injuries, joint pain, neurological pain, etc.
  • Can be used to enhance ultra sound with an FDA-approved coupling gel or lotion.


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