TheraBand CLX Consecutive Loops

Company: Performance Health

Address: 1245 Home Avenue

Phone: 800-321- 1235

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Description: Exercise€”from rehab to wellness to fitness€”is now more versatile, simpler and inspiring with the launch of Performance Health€™s new TheraBand CLX Consecutive Loops. This patent-pending innovation changes the game by combining multiple exercise tools in one portable, lightweight, and effective package. By connecting the upper and lower body in a single exercise and facilitating open-hand exercises, holding objects with resistance, and completely hands-free exercises, CLX creates new exercise opportunities. A free integrated CLX App provides a CLX exclusive exercise library with unique support tools to enhance any rehab or training program.


  • Intuitive design and versatility make home exercise less complicated. No knot tying needed.
  • Simplicity may increase compliance and use.
  • Does the work of four products: band, loops, tubing with handles, door anchor.
  • Latex-free construction.
  • Available in bulk rolls and individual packs in seven color-coded resistance levels.
  • Integrated app engages patients and practitioners.
  • Sold By: Performance Health
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