The XTensionDesk

Company: XTension

Address: Issaquah, WA

Phone: 425-802-7718

Web site:

Description: The XTensionDesk from Xtension is marketed as the first comprehensive solution to the problems of repetitive injuries and obesity. Until the computer becomes a part of the body, the XTensionDesk is designed to be the healthiest way to link them. XTension is selling it through the chiropractic community to benefit your practice and your patients. It adjusts from sitting to standing in seconds, and you can grab it and put it where you want it. It even accommodates the reclined position. You are made to move, but the static work spaces make everyone static. With the XTensionDesk, you can easily adjust your posture throughout the day.


  • Accommodates the widest range of postures
  • Goes from sitting to standing to reclined in seconds
  • All manual – no expensive motors
  • Counterbalances up to 3 monitors out of the box
  • Fits 9 percent of the population, from kids to adults to disabled
  • Up to 100 surface finishes to choose from


Sold By: Xtension
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