Stand Taller ~ Live Longer


Address: 3000 Old Alabama Rd, Ste 119-352, Alpharetta GA 30022

Phone: 866-443-8966

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Description: Stand Taller ~ Live Longer: An Anti-Aging strategy. 10 Minutes a Day to Keep Your Body Active and Pain-Free by Dr. Steven Weiniger is available through Weiniger, a nationally recognized expert on posture and anti-aging, combines research and interactive demonstrations to progressively build a daily posture exercise routine that is right for your body. This seven-week program is designed to strengthen your posture and keep you moving well and pain-free.
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  • 10 minute a day anti-aging strategy to keep you and your patients active and pain-free
  • Retail to patients
  • Grow your practice with referrals
  • Contains a seven-week posture rehab program
  • Positions you as the posture expert in your community
  • Discounts available for bulk purchases
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