Speedy Assessment Limited

Company: Speedy Assessment Limited

Address: Room 1302, 13/F, CRE Building 303 Hennessy Road Wanchai Hong Kong

Phone: 852-8175-0075

Web site: http://speedyassessment.com

Description: Limited Speedy Assessment is chiropractic patient education and assessment software aimed to assist you in the evaluation and education of your patients. It has five tools; posture analysis software, balance and sway, spine scanner/curvature, range of motion, and head reposition accuracy. You will also be able to print out a report of findings and give it to your patients so they can see the results and then take it home and show their friends and loved ones. Speedy Assessment offers a free 30-day trial.


  • Five in one software
  • Posture Analysis: take two pictures with a webcam and show you patients skeletal structure in 3D
  • Balance and sway: measure and evaluate this with a Nintendo Wii Board
  • Spine scanner, curvatur: do this test with your iPhone or Android phone
  • Range of motion: test with a webcam, iPhone or Android phone
  • Head repositioning: measure and evaluate this with a webcam and a red headband
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