Shoe Boot Valet

Company: SBV Global, Inc

Address: 7122 S Sheridan, #2-551

Phone: 539 664 4400

Web site:

Description: The Shoe Boot Valet assists the elderly and mobility challenged in pulling on and taking off their footwear (shoes, boots, etc) without having to bend your hip, knee, back (whatever ails you). You can do it with one hand- standing or sitting and a patented attached bootjack pops the footwear off with ease. It is the only device in the world with this utility.


  • shoe horn gripping device
  • weighs approximately one pound
  • especially design for footwear
  • durable will last a lifetime with normal use
  • use it standing, sitting or even lying down
  • provides independence you would not normally have
  • Sold By: Sbv Global
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