Sedona Pro iFlora Multi-Probiotic KIDS

Company: Douglas Laboratories

Address: 600 Boyce Road Pittsburgh, PA 15205

Phone: 1800-245-4440

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Description: Sedona Pro iFlora Multi-Probiotic KIDS from Douglas Laboratories provides a blend of seven child-friendly strains plus NutraFlora scFOS prebiotic fiber, suitable for children of all ages. This premier powder formula includes B. longum BB536, a probiotic strain clinically studied in infants and children to help maintain a healthy immune response, normal digestion and elimination, and support healthy skin.€  The non-gas forming prebiotic scFOS promotes healthy microflora growth in the developing intestines. Indicated for children age 0 to 12 with age specific dose suggestions, this easy to mix powder provides a pleasant neutral taste that can be mixed in liquid or food.


  • Many different environmental factors may affect the gut microbial ecology in children
  • Bifidobacterium longum BB536 is clinically researched in infants and children for immune support
  • Prebiotics influence the intestinal environment
  • Sold By: Douglas Labs
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