SafeCareRX Mind & Body Melancholic Formula

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Description: SafeCareRX Mind & Body Melancholic Formula from King Bio is formulated to help promote joy and optimism, contentment, and positive self-image. It is said to help with depression, melancholy, discontentment, ill-humor, and gloominess. It is marketed as a superb adjunct therapy to use with King Bio SafeCareRX Appetite & Weight Control when dealing with challenges associated with weight loss. Melancholic’s 14 homeopathic ingredients made in eight powerful potencies equal 112 individually made ingredients all in one product.


  • Homeopathy provides a safe, all natural, noninvasive, and curative approach to treatment
  • Homeopathy works to activate the body’s natural innate abilities to heal itself
  • All King Bio-produced natural medicines are in a pure water base
  • No side effects or contraindications or known reactions with other drugs
  • No known allergic reactions or toxic chemical poisoning potentials; non-habit forming
  • Contains no alcohol, glycerin or sugar
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