SafeCareRX BioReset/Jet Lag

Company: King Bio SafecareRX

Address: 3 Westside Drive, Asheville, NC 28806

Phone: 800-543-3245

Web site: http://www.safecarerx,com

Description: King Bio’s SafeCareRX Bio Reset/Jet Lag is formulated to relieve minor fatigue, sleeplessness, jet lag, shift changes, irritability and nervous tension associated with travel, and other sleep pattern disturbances. The product is designed to help relieve fatigue associated with lack of daylight or frequent stress.


  • Helpful for people sensitive to low levels of radiation, exposure to electricity and geopathic stres
  • For sensitivities and declining health from the lack of exposure to sunlight.
  • No side effects or contraindications or known reactions with other drugs.
  • No known allergic reactions or toxic chemical poisoning potentials; non-habit forming.
Sold By: King Bio Safecarerx
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