Robotic Antalgic-Trak

Company: Big Rehab Corp.

Address: 10251 W Sample Rd

Phone: 800-792-3575

Web site:

Description: The Robotic Antalgic-Trak from Big Rehab Corp. is marketed as the only multiaxis, cervical and lumbar spinal decompression system with articulating range-of-motion.


  • 10 ranges of motion including: Rotation, Lateral Flexion, A/P Flexion/Extension,Translation (A-P), and more
  • Set pull parameters by poundage or distance
  • Silicone-molded cranial cradle
  • Dual belting system
  • Customization of decompression patterns including ramping, logarithmic, and unlimited decom-distraction pattens.


Sold By: Big Rehab Corp