QSN2 QuickSOAP Notes Touchscreen Notebook Version

Company: ChiroConceptions

Address: 359 National Highway 2nd Floor, LaVale, MD 21502

Phone: 301-777-3710

Web site: http://www.touchsoap.com

Description: QuickSOAP by ChiroConceptions combines touch-screen technology with the ability to choose a desktop, notebook, or a server configuration. The program is designed to make your charting faster and more detailed and allow you to make a SOAP note in 15-20 seconds. QuickSOAP assists in detailed PI, workers’ compensation, and Medicare patients.


  • Complete single user system on a HP tablet touch screen stylus PC
  • Includes HP tablet computer with 2 Gig of RAM
  • Technical support for the first year
Sold By: Chiroconceptions
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