Pycnogenol OPC Complex 300mg

Patient One Pycnogenol OPC Complex 300 mg is a potent super-antioxidant formula comprised of four OPC€™s (Oligomeric Proanthocyanidins)€”powerful bioflavonoids that act as free radical scavengers in the human body and promote antioxidant activity and overall healthy aging. Patient One Pycnogenol OPC Complex features a group of synergistic ingredients, Pycnogenol, Grapeseed extract, red wine extract, and Mirtoselect (billberry fruit) that support heart health, circulation, cholesterol levels, healthy blood pressure maintenance, protect retinal capillaries, reduce critical asthma symptoms, promote healthy inflammatory response, improve skin health and appearance, normalize blood sugar levels, and more.

Sold By: Patient One MediNutritionals


Free radical defense for overall healthy aging| Reduces oxidative damage to vital tissues| Increases nitric oxide production| Inhibits inflammation and stimulates immunity| Promotes joint comfort| Provides cardioprotective support