Prevagen Professional

Company: Quincy Bioscience

Address: 301 S Westfield Rd Ste 200

Phone: 888-895-6463

Web site:

Description: Prevagen Professional from Quincy Bioscience is marketed as the only product to contain the ingredient apoaequorin, a protein originally discovered in a species of jellyfish. Prevagen has been clinically shown to improve memory, word recall, and learning in a large, human study. Prevagen Professional (40 mg) is very safe and well-tolerated.


  • Originally from a jellyfish
  • Supports proteins needed for a healthy brain
  • Very safe and well-tolerated
  • Marketed as the only product of its kind
  • Clinically shown to improve memory
  • Exclusive to healthcare practitioners
  • Sold By: Quincy Bioscience
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