Pilot Diode Laser

Company: CAO Group Inc.

Address: 4628 West Skyhawk Drive

Phone: (877) 877-9778

Website: http://www.pilotlasers.com

Description: The unique Pilot design allows practices to treat more patients with better outcomes, resulting in increased patient satisfaction, better efficiency and higher profits. The Pilot Diode Laser provides a penetrating infrared spectral emission that stimulates circulation in soft tissue, and relieves joint and muscle pain. Even at low wattage’s, you can use the Pilot Diode Laser for rehabilitation procedures to promote healing as well as reduce pain and inflammation. You will increase the blood flow to stimulate the natural healing process. The Pilot Diode Laser comes with two years warranty and is manufactured in USA.


  • Most Affordable class 4 laser on the martket
  • It is extremely easy to learn and use
  • Designed, Developed & Assembled in the USA
  • Patented Technology
  • Wireless foot pedal for maximum flexibility in placement
  • Ultimately Improves the Quality of Life
Sold By: Cao Group
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