Pillow 123 – Plus

Company: Plus Pillow Inc.

Address: 732 W. Algonquin Rd. Arlington Heights, IL 60005

Phone: 847-228-3030

Web site: http://www.Pillow123.com

Description: Pillow 123 – Plus from Plus Pillow Inc. is an innovative neck exercise pillow designed for in-clinic use. Pillow 123 – Plus is ergonomically designed to contour the patient€™s neck curve while exercising. It can assist healthcare providers during progressive cervical adjustments and can be used after adjustments to educate muscles on different joint motions. The pillow is safe to use for patients in all stages of neck conditions due to it€™s flexibility in height and firmness levels. The pillow has a vinyl cover which can be easily wiped down in-between use.


  • Perfect for in-clinic use
  • Select from four firmness levels and 4 different heights to address each patient’s neck condition
  • Easy to use
  • Educational videos and various exercise programs made available on website
  • Manufactured in the U.S.


Sold By: Plus Pillow
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