PainZone – Professional Analgesic

PainZone – A topical analgesic created by Sports Medical Professionals since 2001.

PainZone isn’t new: it’s just new to chiropractic.

Used by professional and collegiate athletes and now available to doctors of chiropractic. Provides deep penetrating relief for muscle aches and pains. Three Active ingredients with no added water make PainZone a fast acting and impactful solution to aches and pains. Made In the USA and manufactured in a FDA registered facility. PainZone is a premium topical analgesic that is not available in mass retail or pharmacies. PainZone does have retail programs for professional practice offices. PainZone is ideal to help patients with back pain, joint pain, arthritis symptoms and more. It is a great addition to professional offices looking for a unique product to help their patients and create additional retail revenue for your practice.

You can learn more about PainZone at or through major distributors. 866-633-9663 (MEDZONE)

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