On-Demand Marketing Webinar

Company: Decompression Flight School

Address: Michigan

Phone: 568-630-4040

Web site: http://www.decompressionflightschool.com

Description: On-Demand Marketing Webinar from Decompression Flight School is a free, one-hour webinar from Dr. Joseph Mannella.It features marketing insights, on-demand 24/7 and without any obligation, whatsoever. Marketing is vital to your decompression efforts, but it is not a silver bullet. You must discover what is crucial in marketing decompression and what simply does not work. There is not really all that much “gray area” when it comes to what decompression marketing is effective and which is not. Avoid the top mistakes made by doctors of chiropractic in their decompression marketing. To view the webinar, visit www.decompressionsuccess.com.


  • Learn communication of who you are and what you stand for
  • Learn how your marketing message must convey who you serve
  • This video will allow you to understand how to market decompression


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