Omax3 Ultra-Pure Omega-3 Supplement

Company: Prevention Pharma

Address: 24 Arnett Avenue, Suite 107

Phone: 1-888-677-5453

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Description: Omax3 Ultra-Pure is a true pharmaceutical grade molecularly distilled omega-3 supplement optimized to provide the maximum inflammation resolving benefit. The product is over 91 percent concentrated omega-3 with a 4-to-1 EPA-to-DHA ratio. Omax3 was developed by physicians affiliated with Yale University.
Blister-packed for freshness, omax3 is easy to tolerate and swallow.


  • Over 91 percent concentrated omega-3
  • Patented 4-to-1, EPA-to-DHA ratio
  • Small, easy to swallow capsules
  • 15 times the omega-3 dosage found in Krill Supplements
  • Blister-packed for freshness
  • Maximum anti-inflammatory in an omega-3 supplement
  • Sold By: Prevention Pharma