Oasis Synergy System

Company: Neuro-Integration Systems Inc.

Address: 9623 Canoga Ave.

Phone: 818-626-9670

Web site: http://www.oasissynergy.com

Description: Oasis Synergy System from Neuro-Integration Systems Inc. is built around specialized prescriptive audio protocols. The audio protocols are composed and created by using sophisticated sound technologies. Specifically designed low frequency vibrations are delivered to the body through high-end audio transducers built into the Oasis Synergy System recliner chair, the delivery system for the prescriptive protocols. Patent-pending elements of the sound delivery system built into the chair separate various sound frequencies between the right and left sides of the body. This aspect is of extreme importance for causing a global synchronicity effect in the brain, nervous system, and mind/body.


  • Vibration
  • Audio protocols
  • Heart rate variability
  • Light glasses
  • Pain reduction
  • Wellness


Sold By: Neuro-Integration Systems
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