NeuroBiotic Capsule

NEURO-Biotic by Systemic Formulas Inc.
Amazing research into our behavior, well-being and mood has been linked to our microbiome. In an unprecedented way, we brought together a formulation that includes all the key probiotics found in the current Psychobiotic research. Each of these probiotics has the potential to positively influence the natural state of well-being and neurological health. In a patent pending process, we have combined, stabilized and grown these human based probiotics. As part of an overall gastrointestinal and neurological (Gut-Brain axis) health program, NEURO-BIOTIC is a powerful clinical tool.

58.8 mg Magnesium (Chelate)

105 mg Calcium (Carbonate, Malate)

930 mg Proprietary Blend –  Poke; Goldenseal, Oregon Grape, Tayuya, Echinacea Purpurea, Garlic, RNA/DNA Sterilized Yeast; Thymol Iodide; Pau D’Arco; Gentain; Yerba Santa; Hydroxyquinoline; Leptotaenia Oil

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