Neck, Shoulder, Arm Pain: Mechanism, Diagnosis, Treatment, 4th edition

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Description: Updated with research and experience from the past 10 years, the full color, hardcover 4th edition of flexion distraction developer’s, Dr. James Cox€™s Neck, Shoulder, Arm Pain: Mechanism, Diagnosis, Treatment textbook is available. This edition promises to update your knowledge base of the most common causes of cervical and thoracic spine pain, the underlying biomechanics of the causes, and the diagnostic tools of examining a patient to give a defined diagnosis. As well, Dr. Cox presents actual patient cases, their imaging, history, examination outcomes, diagnoses and treatment…a valuable collection of chiropractic successes in treating tough spine pain conditions.

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  • neck pain
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  • upper back pain
  • cervical and thoracic spine treatment
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