Company: RF System Lab

Address: Lincoln, NE

Phone: 800-905-1554

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Description: Naomi-DR from RF System Lab is designed to balance high sensitivity and image resolution with the combination of multiple super-sensitive monochrome TST-CCD Sensors. Naomi’s digital X-rays are said to allow gentler, more “green” approach to the patients and the environment. It does not require any film or chemicals and assists doctors to start diagnosis quickly by immediately displaying the image of the patients condition. The X-ray exposure dosage is said to be radically reduced and is marketed as safe enough to use on pregnant women. By providing user-friendly, affordable digital X-ray technology, the Naomi system is said to be becoming a global standard in digital X-ray technology.


  • Direct digital radiography CCD imaging sensor
  • Retrofits in minutes
  • 48 megapixel resolution
  • Easy operation
  • Free lifetime support
  • Honored with “2010 Best Practices Awards”


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