MyoVision E-Scan

Company: PBI Myovision

Address: 2801 1st Ave.Unit 1212, Seattle WA

Phone: 800-969-6961

Web site:

Description: E-Scan from PBI Myovision is designed to capitalize on the proliferation of smartphones, tablets, and social media. Simply perform the five-second MyoVision Wireless Static Exam, and E-Scan instantly emails the visually appealing graphic complete with your embedded contact info to your patients smartphone, reinforcing your chiropractic message via this “electronic business card.” In beta testing, 97 percent of patients responded with: “now I can show my ______ why I need my chiropractor.” Many posted directly to Facebook. The patent-applied for graphic optimized for smartphone includes your personally customized “free scan” offer and contact information. This makes every email forward and Facebook post an ad for your practice, also showing your patients how “high-tech” you are.


  • Reinforce the “message” instantly, effortlessly as they walk out the door
  • Forward scans to friends, family and spouse showing “why” they need to see you
  • Each image sent is an “electronic business card” showing your contact information embedded
  • Posting on Facebook means you get free advertising for you and your office
  • You become the “high tech doctor” they were looking for, all by clicking send
  • Stores email addresses for future email marketing


Sold By: Pbi Myovision
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