MyEMR Suite

Company: Software Motif Inc.

Address: 301 Clematis Street, Ste. 3000

Phone: 800-481-9060

Web site:

Description: MyEMR Suite from Software Motif Inc. offers integrated electronic healthcare records, insurance processing, patient billing, appointment management, and patient marketing features. The cloud software-as-a-service platform services various hardware platforms, such as Windows- and Apple-based workstations, laptops, iPads, Androids, and Microsoft tablet platforms. It allows for extreme performance without local computer upgrades and multi-site, 24/7 connectivity by virtue of cloud SaaS.


  • Private cloud software-as-a-service hosting
  • Support for Microsoft, Apple, and Android platforms
  • Multi-site 24×7 connectivity by virtue of Cloud SaaS.
  • Integrated EHR, billing, document imaging, and appointments
  • Extreme performance without local computer upgrades
  • Low startup cost, low monthly fees, no long term contracts
  • Sold By: Software Motif
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