Company: Hygia LLC

Address: 815 virginia avenue, orlando, fl. 32803

Phone: 407-461-4444

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Description: MyAchin’Back from Hygia LLC is an interactive APP designed to allow you to research the possible cause of headaches or pain in your neck, leg, back, hips, or extremities. It is estimated that low-back pain alone affects upward of 70 percent of the general population. Here, you can navigate through many soft-tissue injuries and complaints from head to toe, and hopefully discover the best possible way to treat such symptoms.


  • Sorted by state, this APP helps allow you to search state doctors via GPS mapping
  • View a doctor’s profile and get instantly connected
  • Integrated built-in maps for locating a physician’s office
  • View a brief professional video, highlighting the doctor’s office attributes
  • Search via special professional discounts, saving you hundreds of dollars on your first visit
  • Search via your particular health insurance plan.


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