MR4 Super Pulsed Laser with LaserStim ™

Company: Multi Radiance Medical

Address: 6565 Cochran Road

Phone: 800-373-0955

Web site:

Description: MR4 Super Pulsed Laser from Multi Radiance Medical is a therapeutic laser system that features updated power utilities and inputs and has the ability to manipulate all three light wavelengths independently. It also features a new patient program mode that allows clinicians to save and create up to 50 patient treatment programs.


  • World’s First FDA cleared Laser and Electrical Stimulation in the same device
  • Allows for Insurance Reimbursement, New Custom and Preset Treatment Modes
  • Deeper Penetration than Class IV Lasers
  • Most Powerful, 25 to 50 Watt, but yet one of the Safest Cold Laser
  • Very Affordable, Upgradeable System to New Emitters
  • Cal for Free in-Clinic Demo.


Sold By: Multi Radiance Medical
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