Moszkito Archy Sandal

Company: Moszkito

Address: P.O. Box 25550, Scottsdale, AZ 85255

Phone: 866-667-9548

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Description: The Archy sandal from Moszkito is designed for comfort to help keep the body aligned, and to help prevent foot fatigue. In full-grain leather, the Archy sandal has a 16mm arch for comfort and support, heel cup for foot stability, and non-slip rubber outsoles. They are available in men’s and women’s full sizes and come in various colors.


  • 16mm arch for comfort and support
  • Heel cup and toe bars for foot stability
  • Full grain leather, breathes naturally
  • Nylon toe strap, soft, comfortable, and non-abrasive
  • Supports body alignment
  • Helps prevent heel pain and foot fatigue


Sold By: Moszkito
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