Mini Wireless TENS/EMS unit

Company: Current Solutions

Address: 3814 Woodbury Drive, Austin TX 78704

Phone: 800-871-7858

Web site:

Description: Mini Wireless TENS/EMS unit from Current Solutions is a low profile, full strength, TENS, and EMS combo unit. It is popular with professionals and individuals who do not want the bulk and wires of a typical TENS device. This mini TENS/EMS combo unit adheres directly onto your body with its butterfly snap electrode. This unit comes with an additional lead wire to allow you to operate the device similar to a normal TENS device that has lead wires, if you choose. Offers the user the choice of five modes of TENS and five modes of EMS.


  • TENS and EMS combo unit
  • Less bulk
  • No lead wires needed
  • Five modes of TENS
  • Five modes of EMS
Sold By: Current Solutions
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