Milkweed Balm Extra Strength

Company: Natural Fibers Corporation

Address: 218 Prospector Drive, PO Box 830

Phone: 308-284-8403

Web site:

Description: Milkweed Balm from Natural Fibers Corporation is a topical, all-natural, anti-inflammatory pain reliever. Full of
antioxidants, phytosterols, Omega-3 and Omega – fatty acids. Helps with arthritis, joint pain, backaches, migraine
headaches, fibromyalgia, TMJ, and more. Milkweed Balm will help ease your pain and restore your hope.


  • Relieves pain and reduces inflammation
  • Restores mobility
  • Convenient roll-on application
  • High antioxidant capacity
  • Cold-pressed milkweed seed oil from the milkweed plant
  • All-natural ingredients


Sold By: Natural Fibers Corporation
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