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Introducing the Medray Dual (810 & 980nm, 30w working power) and the Medray Quad (650, 810,915,980nm, 26w working power) Class Iv lasers.

The Medray family of lasers offers you unprecedented quality, ease of use, a full treatment package, and the best prices on planet earth.  Compare the Medray lasers with other lasers costing $15,000 – $25,000 more and you will realize the fantastic opportunity the Medray offers.

Setup is fast and easy with settings for body size, skin color and pain levels.  The Medray adjusts all treatment parameters based on your settings.  You can even make and save your own protocols as well.

The Medray also has an easy to understand patient library built in as well as the industry’s first wireless patient stop switch.  Both of these features just add to the overall Medray experience.

Your Medray laser comes in an exceptional mobile carrying case, with 3 pair of laser goggles, wireless stop switch, marketing kit, and any and all supplies needed. Simpy stated, there are no options or extras to buy.

The Medray Dual and the Medray Quad are priced competitively.

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