MacPractice DC 5

Company: MacPractice

Address: 233 N. 8th Street

Phone: 402-420-2430

Web site:

Description: MacPractice EMR, Yosemite compatible MacPractice DC 5 offers a new MacPractice EHR Ability that interoperates with MacPractice€™s iOS 8 compatible iEHR, Clipboard and Patient Check In apps for iPad, and features ICD-10 code mapping with ICD-9 and SNOMED, an updated Patient PHI Portal, secure messaging, Kiosk 2, and online registration.


  • New EHR desktop companion to iEHR for iPad
  • 2 EHRs for the price of 1
  • Upgraded Patient PHI portal
  • Online Registration with EHR forms
  • HIPAA secure messaging
  • iOS 8 compatible


Sold By: Macpractice
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