Local Cryo Therapy

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Localized cryotherapy is the delivery of hyper-cooled air to specific areas of the body for the management of pain and inflammation. Like the full body cryo units, localized cryotherapy constricts the blood vessels in the targeted area, reducing muscle-related tension and soreness.

Cryo Relief offers three solutions:

Cryo-T Elephant is a device for local cryotherapy that uses liquid nitrogen (LN2). Innovative construction allows safer and more effective procedures.

Temperatures down to -170°
Easy regulation of intensity (5 levels)
Fast & secure procedure between 30 seconds and 5 minutes

Cryo-T Cooler uses standard electricity as the cooling agent. It can be customized according to customer’s technical and design requirements (OEM). The innovative hand piece is equipped with two laser pointers which enables the operator to keep the applicator at an optimal distance achieving faster results and optimizing the cost and time of treatment.

Reduces discomfort and uplifts the general well being of patients
Safety features prevent customer discomfort

Cryo-T Duo is powered with carbon dioxide-gas, that has dual physical action. Cold can be delivered deep into tissues for maximum effect. Procedures at approximately 2 cm from the surface of the skin at temperature of -70° to -80°.

Up to 60 minutes continuous work wit hone 10 Lb. cylinder depending on nozzle size
Fast and easy gas cylinder replacement
Safe for patient and personnel
Two interchangeable nozzles for precise cooling and economic use of CO2

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