LJ 100

Company: HP Ingredients

Address: 707 24th Ave West

Phone: 877-437-2234

Web site: http://www.hpingredients.com

Description: LJ 100 from HP Ingredients is said to be clinically proven to increase DHEA, decrease SHBG, and free testosterone that has been bound by SHBG. LJ 100 offers higher energy levels and reduces fatigue by activating the CYP17 enzyme. This enzyme is involved in the early stage of steroid biosynthesis. Reduction in SHBG means more free testosterone. In clinical trials, there was a reduction in SHBG in 66 percent of the patients after three weeks.


  • Increases DHEA levels
  • Increase cGMP and cAMP
  • Increase pheremone
  • Decrease SHBG
  • LJ 100 increases testosterone, rogesterone, and 17-OH progesterone significantly


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