Knee Shovel

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Description: The patent-pending Knee Shovel transforms a traditional snow shovel into a more efficient and safe moving device using your knee/thigh as a pivot point. The Knee Shovel is a two-handled pusher and shovel combination that avoids bending over to lift snow. In one quick motion, 1) the forearms pull back and 2) the thigh thrusts upward on the padded knee-thigh springboard to launch snow. The leg is lifted slightly but the foot never leaves the ground. The foot lifts slightly on the ball of the foot€”similar to a running motion. These two motions together allow the user to remain completely upright and launch snow without significant back disc compression. The Knee Shovel Model KS1 uses flexing of the springboard to temporarily store energy for much more efficient throwing of snow.
The Knee Shovel KS1 is also fully adjustable for body height and snow conditions. It can be used for fresh light snow, wet heavy snow, steps, driveways, decks, walkways, and uneven surfaces. Using the Knee Shovel is easier, faster, and healthier than conventional snow shovels€”and it allows for safe exercise.


  • Does not use the back
  • Less total effort
  • Exercise, not work!
  • Faster snow removal


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