Klean Athlete

Company: Douglas Laboratories

Address: 600 Boyce Rd., Pittsburgh PA 15205

Phone: 855-255-5326

Web site: http://www.kleanathlete.com

Description: Klean Athlete from Douglas Laboratories is an NSF Certified for Sport nutritional supplements for athletes. It’s designed specifically for athletes who want to reach peak performance through optimal health. Peak health means getting rid of the things your body doesn’t need and getting the right amount of things you do. The Klean Athlete line is composed of seven nutritional supplements created to provide a safe and effective foundation to live healthy, train smart, and compete at the best possible level. The complete line underwent a testing and verification process to receive the NSF Certified for Sport certification ensuring that each product is free of banned substances.


  • Klean Multivitamin: a twice-daily tablet providing vital nutrients
  • Klean Antioxidants: powered by the super fuit Maqui Berry
  • Klean Cognitive: supports brain health with Acetyl-L-Carnitine and Lipoic Acid
  • Klean Probiotic: promotes digestive health so nutrients can be properly absorbed into the bloodsteam
  • Klean Isolate: premium-quality whey protein isolate to build and repair muscle
  • Klean Electrolytes: replenishes minerals and Klean Endurance: all-natural D-Ribose supplement
Sold By: Douglas Labs
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