Hiring MRI

Company: DC Hiring Pro

Address: 6817 Falls of Neuse Rd Ste. 103

Phone: 919-847-1950

Web site: http://www.DCHiringPro.com

Description: Hiring MRI from DC Hiring Pro is Nobel-nominated science that reveals the risks of job candidates and predicts performance so you can block bad hires. It’s like a 90-day hire without the 90 days. You’ll know how your candidates think, work, treat others, their attitudes, motivators and stressors, and what you’ll experience. There are no questions. The person doesn’t know what’s being measured so they can’t game it.


  • Reveals risks and other potential performance issues
  • There are no questions (unbiased, can’t be gamed)
  • Online exercise takes less than 20 minutes
  • Nominated for a Nobel Prize
  • Different reports for front office, managers, doctor/partner, etc.
  • Free consultation on every report


Sold By: Dc Hiring Pro
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