Hill Anatomotor Roller Massage/Traction Table

Company: Hill Laboratories

Address: 3 N. Bacton Hill Road, Frazer, PA 19355

Phone: 1-877-445-5020

Web site: http://www.hilllabs.com/chiropractic/Hill-Anatomotor-Traction-Massage.php

Description: The Anatomotor is designed for soft-tissue massage, intermittent and constant traction, heat, and vibration. Two sets of adjustable-height massage rollers straddle the spine and rhythmically loosen taut muscles. Optional traction is regulated between 0 and 200 pounds and can be applied in several different forms from cervical to full lumbar-sacral traction using the traction harnesses. A variable-speed motor adds even greater versatility. A stationary-top model is also available for when massage without traction is desired. Flexible lease-to-own financing is available for one, two, or three year terms.


  • Lifetime warranty on back rollers
  • 5 year warranty on motor and gearbox
  • Timer, filler block (insert), top pad, and two-section pillow
  • Fixed height from 22″ to 32″, width 21″
  • Optional full-traction package
  • Optional variable speed


Sold By: Hill Laboratories
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