Hill Air-Flex

Company: Hill Laboratories

Address: 3 N. Bacton Hill Road, Frazer, PA 19355

Phone: 877-445-5020

Web site: http://www.hilllabs.com/chiropractic/Hill-Air-Flex-Table.php

Description: The Air-Flex from Hill Laboratories is designed for doctors who want a full-featured air-powered flexion/distraction table with the option of adding automatic flexion and automatic cervical/lumbar distraction. The Air-Flex offers several headpiece options including raised, flexion/distraction and CBP lateral translation. Upgrade to add up to four air-drops with push-button activation and one-touch footstrip reload.


  • Air-flexion and distraction with optional Touchscreen-Controlled auto-flex and auto-distraction
  • Rotation and lateral flexion with locking mechanisms and removable tiller bar
  • Tilting headpiece with many options including raised flexion and distraction
  • Optional air-drops and air-thoracic breakaway with release
  • Slide-out ankle support with ankle harnesses
  • One-year warranty


Sold By: Hill Laboratories
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