Green Earth Massage Sheets

Company: Green Earth Massage Sheets (GEMS)

Address: 4080 Lambert Rd., El Sobrante, CA 94803

Phone: 510.334.7100

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Description: Green Earth Massage Sheets (GEMS) are ultra light massage linens manufactured to end wasteful laundering practices by allowing you to fit 15 to 20 sets per wash and by drying quickly. Made of recyclable microfiber, these sheets are marketed as durable and conserve water, electricity, and time. GEMS have a silky feel, should fit all massage tables, and are available by the set.


  • Microfiber is lighter but more durable than conventional linens
  • Release tough oil-based stains
  • Soft as silk and pampering for clients
  • Five percent of profits donated to programs saving endangered animals
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • One hundred percent recyclable fabric


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